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Some topics include estate planning fundamentals, wills and trusts, avoiding probate, establishing power of attorney in the state of Texas and much more!

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Divorce significantly affects your estate plan. Therefore, it's crucial to take timely action to revise it. If you're going through a divorce or have recently finalized one, it may be time to review and update your estate plan.
Sugar Land Texas Estate Planning Law Firm
Learn how to qualify for the annual gift tax exclusion by maximizing the benefits of a Crummey trust. Understand withdrawal power and more.
Being an executor of a will is a significant responsibility, requiring dedication, integrity and, often, legal and financial proficiency. Whether you're preparing to serve as an executor, need to appoint one, or seek to create an effective estate plan, professional guidance can ensure that your estate is managed according to your wishes and the law.
Special Needs Planning in Sugar Land TX
Ensure a secure future for your loved one with special needs. Discover the benefits of comprehensive special needs planning and how it can protect their financial security.
Richmond Texas Wills and Trusts Law Firm
A subtrust is a separate entity created under the umbrella of a primary trust or a will. A subtrust becomes active based on the terms of the trust or will when certain events happen, such as the death of the primary grantor, or creator. Subtrusts are one tool that estate planning attorneys use to help families pass on inheritances and protect their heirs from creditors or issues such as lawsuits or divorce. Subtrusts serve various purposes depending on…
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Estate planning: two words that encapsulate the entirety of your life’s work and the legacy you wish to leave behind. It is a profound yet often misunderstood aspect of personal finance and legal preparedness. As an experienced estate planning attorney, I’ve seen firsthand the turmoil and heartache…