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Some topics include estate planning fundamentals, wills and trusts, avoiding probate, establishing power of attorney in the state of Texas and much more!

Special Needs Planning in Sugar Land TX
Whether you’re a parent with a special needs child or an adult caring for an elderly or special needs loved one, understanding the benefits of a comprehensive Special Needs Plan is crucial. Careful planning ensures that the individual with special needs has clear financial security upon your death, as well as specific goals to address the needs of your child or loved one so that they can be successful in the future. From guardianship and living arrangements to managing finances and planning for adulthood, each element of a special needs plan plays a crucial role in ensuring a secure and…
Richmond Texas Wills and Trusts Law Firm
A subtrust is a separate entity created under the umbrella of a primary trust or a will. A subtrust becomes active based on the terms of the trust or will when certain events happen, such as the death of the primary grantor, or creator. Subtrusts are one tool that estate planning attorneys use to help families pass on inheritances and protect their heirs from creditors or issues such as lawsuits or divorce. Subtrusts serve various purposes depending on…
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Estate planning: two words that encapsulate the entirety of your life’s work and the legacy you wish to leave behind. It is a profound yet often misunderstood aspect of personal finance and legal preparedness. As an experienced estate planning attorney, I’ve seen firsthand the turmoil and heartache…
Richmond Texas Estate Planning Law Firm
Creating or reviewing an estate plan is something that many people know they should do but often put off. It’s natural to say things like: “I’ll take care of it later,” or “I don’t have enough money to have an estate plan.” However, life and circumstances happen that may be out of your control. Every adult needs…
Pour-Over Will
For those who want to avoid the court-controlled process that takes place after a person’s death (known as “probate”)—using a Revocable Living Trust is typically the best way to do so.
Rosenberg Texas Special Needs Planning Law Firm
One of the most commonly recognized instruments for protecting assets for a disabled beneficiary is through the use of a Special Needs Trust, also known as a Supplemental Needs Trust.