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Sugar Land, TX Estate Planning Blog

Some topics include estate planning fundamentals, wills and trusts, avoiding probate, establishing power of attorney in the state of Texas and much more!

Inheriting a parent's house
Inheriting a parent's home can bring a mix of emotions. Find out the lessons learned and the importance of estate planning.
Elder Law Concerns
Find out how to prevent elder abuse and protect vulnerable older adults. Learn about the different types of abuse and how to recognize the warning signs.
Learn from a court case how crucial it is to update your beneficiary designations for retirement accounts. Don't let outdated designations cause problems for your loved ones.
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Avoid the pitfalls of guardianships by understanding the lessons learned from the Britney Spears case - safeguard your autonomy and protect your assets.
Richmond Texas Probate Law Firm
Above all, you should choose someone you trust, keeping in mind that acting as a trustee or executor can be a complex, thankless and sometimes long-term job.
An estate plan with wealth preservation, long-term care and medical directives strategies provides clarity and guidance to loved ones on aging parents' wishes, while retaining control for aging parents over financial and health-related matters.